Yo WhatsApp Plus Latest Version for Android

 NameYo WhatsApp
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
 Last versionv9.70
 Size56 MB
 DeveloperFouad Mokdad


When thinking of the number one messenger for mobile devices, what comes to mind? We hope you said WhatsApp, considering it has the most active users, internationally. However, Yo WhatsApp Plus is the gifted brother, that people are talking about now! This version is the younger, more talented brother. He can offer you a ton of benefits and entertainment, while still following the same foundation as his older sibling.

If you don’t believe us, go ahead and try out the application for yourself. Download Yo Whatsapp for Android now!

Comparing the Yo WhatsApp Download to Other Messengers

To be fair, many people use many different apps for varying reasons. Instagram is for sharing pictures and videos, Facebook is an all-around content sharing application, while Snapchat is primarily for video stories. But, all of these apps, are have messenger options, much like Yo WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, FM Whatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp, Whatsapp Aero, OG Whatsapp.

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Although, there are still many differences that are worth noting. In the end, there’s a reason why people are still preferring WhatsApp over these other messengers. And, the proof is in the pudding.

Yo WhatsApp Plus vs Facebook Messenger

You might stop to ask yourself, “Why should I use Yo WhatsApp APK when I already have Facebook Messenger?” The argument here is: Why should you use one app for messaging over the other. Well, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

First of all, why do people use FB in the first place? What is Facebook? To put it bluntly, FB is a social media app primarily used for posting, exposing, and sharing content. These include stories, news articles, memes, and of course photos. However, not everyone is an avid follower of these trends. Some people prefer to keep their personal life and interests private.

That being said, exactly how many people are using FB? A recent study was conducted in 2020 to answer this exact question. To no surprise, North America had the most users, at about68.5 percent. That’s peanuts compared to how large the entire planet is. In comparison, out of the billions of people on Earth, only 28.5 percent are active users of the app.


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With all of this information known, how many phone owners of the world also have a phone number? All of them. As of 2020, more than 250 million people live abroad and away from their families. In addition, many of these individuals also work remotely. This is where Yo WhatsApp Plus update shines.

Yo WhatsApp Plus vs Instagram

Now, Instagram would be another story. This application has grown massively in popularity since its inception. With more than one billion active users per month, Ig has solidified itself as a top-dog competitor amongst many social media apps. So, how does the Yo WhatsApp latest version compare to this?

Surprisingly, WhatsApp itself blows Instagram out of the water with DOUBLE the number of active users, hitting two billion! As you can see, flashy stories and pictures aren’t everything. What is most important to users is the accessibility of messaging. In that sense, the Yo WhatsApp latest version blows any other messenger out of the water.


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And Then There’s Snapchat…

Must we even go into detail here? As of 2022, Snapchat itself only wracks up at about 280 million daily users, with monthly rates decreasing. This is shy of average when looking at the numbers brought by WhatsApp.

Get the Best Features with Yo WhatsApp Plus

Now that we’ve established how GIANTof an application this truly is, let’s go into why Yo WhatsApp Plus is the ideal version of the download. Firstly, the various features outshine WhatsApp to a large degree. So much in fact, that you wouldn’t be able to tell that these are the same app.

Why is Yo WhatsApp APK better than WhatsApp? Well, here are some of the benefits included in this upgrade:

·        MoreStorage Data: One major issue with WhatsApp is the limited storage space for media downloads. This is especially true when taking business-related users into account. As an alternative, many standard users will opt for email filesharing. This isn’t ideal, as it will eventually cause an oversaturation of emails and clutter in your mailbox.

The original version can only store up to 16MB worth of data and videos for up to 3 minutes.

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·    Fun Ways toCustomize Your Interface: What’s a messaging app without the tools to personalize your experience? Yo WhatsApp Latest Version also gives its users the chance to play around with varying customization options. Now, you can enjoy WhatsApp in Dark Mode, for a more edgy feeling. Additionally, you can change other aspects, such as themes, chats(including the addition of chat bubbles), read stamps, and backgrounds!

·        Layers of Protection: One big aspect to look forward to is the inclusion of extra security measures. You can add an app lock to Yo WhatsApp Plus. This will prevent anyone with your device, or intruders from accessing your personal information and messages. Add this with a VPN, and you have near-indestructible security.

These are just smidges of the entire canvas of benefits included in this version. You can look forward to many more additional features and improvements that will ensure your long-term use of the application.

How to Access the Yo WhatsApp Download?

If you want to successfully acquire the Yo WhatsApp new version for Android today, there are a few steps involved. Luckily, the method listed is very easy and simple to understand. We’ll show you how to download and install APK files to android.


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First of all, you’ll need to allow Unknown Sources to be accessed on your device. This can be found by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Toggle the option on, and your device is ready to begin downloading foreign files.

Next, you’ll just need to download and install the Yo WhatsApp APK for Android. Relax, you won’t need to go searching for the APK. You can find the file from our download link

What’s Yo in the Yo WhatsApp?

In this tech-savvy world, we want our mobile applications to be as smart as we are. Yo Whatsapp is a whip-smart application with exceptionally tech-savvy functions. With Yo WhatsApp, you can access multiple WhatsApp features with more functions. Moreover, this modified application gives you access to a better user interface, utmost privacy options, and various file-sharing options.

Here’s what Yo WhatsApp have for you;

·  Privacy options: Yo Whatsapp allows you to manage your privacy options effortlessly. If you wish to limit your connection or confirm the receipt of the message, Yo WhatsApp has made everything easier for you.

·  More font customization options

·  New emoticons and emoji options

·  No limits on the file size and format

· Options to lock the app through fingerprint, pattern, or PIN.

How Yo WhatsApp Works?

Yo WhatsApp’s user interface is divided into multiple tabs and options that you can explore by swiping the device’s screen to the right or left or from the app’s upper section. By clicking on the app, you would see three options; Chats, Status, and Calls, whereas by clicking on the lower right side of the screen would be land on the contact list.


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Let’s firstly explore three essential apps sections;


Whenever you open up an app, you would land on the Chats tab that acts as the app’s home screen. This is the place where you can find all your past conversations, and you can quickly get access to any of your contacts’ chats by tapping on it. Moreover, you can unsent any message whether its an audio or video anytime and turn off the message deletion option for your contact.


Whether you want to update the world with your new adventures or just want to share something you like with your friends and family without sending them the image individually, you can use Yo WhatsApp’s Status option. This option enables you to upload the daily tidbits, photos, and video messages in the form of status and make them visible to your entire contact list for the next 24 hours; however, you can manage your status privacy settings to limit your connections from your status update. In addition, you can also view the statuses of your contact list for 24 hours.


The amazing features of Yo WhatsApp not only just allow you to chat and view the statuses of your contact lists but also you can make voice and video calls with it. This section would provide you with information about people you had called in the past along with the option to contact them again directly without going back to the chats section.

Menu Options

Here are some of the things you would find in the menu sections of Yo WhatsApp.

Search Option: this tool enables you to find the contact, chat, audios, and documents from the conversations on the home page. This option is available for all three apps sections; Chats, Status, Calls.

Airplane Mood

With Yo WhatsApp, you can access the flight mode option to prohibit receiving calls and messages on the phone. You can only find this option in the Chats tab.



Search Option

You can look for the contact, document, image, and voice notes by tapping on the magnifying glass or search option. This option is visible in all three apps sections.

Vertical Dots

This option is available in all three apps sections, but their properties significantly change in each option. In the chat section, you can have access to these options;

·  YoMods

·  Restart Yo WhatsApp

·  Manage a number

·  New Group

·  New Broadcast

·  Yo WhatsApp Web

·  Starred Messages

·  Settings

In the status section, you can adjust the status privacy, and in the calls sections, you can delete the call log through these Vertical dots.

What’s in the Yo Whatsapp Mods Section?

Unlike other apps, Yo WhatsApp gives you access to the extra settings section to customize the app the way you want. The following options will show up when you tap on the YoMods section.

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·  Security and Privacy Option

Using this option, you can prohibit the message deletion from managing the conversation with your connections effectively. Moreover, Yo WhatsApp’s security pattern option will act as the security barrier so no one can intervene in your privacy.

· Universal

Bored from the traditional background theme? No worries. Yo WhatsApp now enables you to modify the wallpapers, menus, and background themes by offering you millions of free background themes and wallpapers choices.

· Yo Themes

Get your hands on thousands of the latest visual themes and different options designs to modify the app in a way you love.

·  Home Screen

Manage your home screen in your style with Yo WhatsApp. You can alter all the options from the chats list from the headings to the floating button function with Yo WhatsApp’s Home Screen option.

·  Conversation Screen

Want to customize the conversation screen? Go ahead with Yo WhatsApp. Manage the style and functions of the text box, upper menu, emoji, and emoticons with Yo WhatsApp like a pro.

· YoWA Widget

This option allows you to customize the Android widget’s colors and turn your app into the color you want.

· Updates

You can look for the new versions and updates in Yo WhatsApp’s features or functions from the Update section.

· About

Want to know more about us? Our About Us will share with you all the information about the Yo WhatsApp version and developers.

· Share Yo WhatsApp

Invite your friends and family to this amazing app today just by tapping on the option.

What Makes Yo WhatsApp the best?

Yo WhatsApp outstands other apps with its exceptional features and unlimited customization options. Let’s find out what features make Yo WhatsApp better than social media applications.

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Enhanced Messaging System

Yo WhatsApp’s messaging platform is designed exceptionally while focusing on the right blend of technology and customers’ preferences. Its improved messaging system enables you to delete multiple messages in one tap, auto-reply messages, manage the receipt of the messages, and personalize your chat bubbles. With these distinctive features, you can get back to your contact through an automated text in case of unavailability and open several chat windows at once.

Mass Broadcasting

What makes Yo WhatsApp better than other social media applications is its message broadcasting option to almost 600 people at a time. So if you want to connect with several people at once, download Yo WhatsApp on your Android and iPhones today.

Added Options for Group Admins

We acknowledge that everyone wants more choices and more options, whether in one-to-one conversations or in groups. This is the reason why we have added some essential group management options in Yo WhatsApp. With this amazing application, the group admin would be able to name the group with 35 characters and control the conversation effectively.

Built-in Security Features

Yo WhatsApp now offers you exceptional security and privacy features like a built-in app lock and Do Not Disturb (DND) option that will keep your application and conversation secure without downloading any third-party device security app. Moreover, you can disconnect the internet for Yo WhatsApp without disconnecting it from other apps with the DND feature.

Some Common Modifications

Yo WhatsApp got some exceptional features. Here are some of the common features that will enable you to edit and modify the app interface for a more phenomenal experience,

With Yo WhatsApp, you can now;

·  Copy your contact’s Yo WhatsApp status easily.

·  Send images and documents to up to 90 contacts simultaneously

·  Download your contacts’ statuses without downloading any other app.

·  Turn off the receipt to hide double tick, blue ticks, one status, and last seen.

·  Access to the world of emoticons and emojis specifically designed by Yo WhatsApp.

How do you install Yo WhatsApp without losing your existing chats?

Want to install Yo WhatsApp on your new tablet or phone without losing the chat history? It might sound difficult to you, but now with Yo WhatsApp, everything has become easier.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to install Yo WhatsApp without losing the chat history.

yo whatsapp new version download


·  Open the Yo WhatsApp app on your phone by clicking on the settings option, which you can find in three vertical dots.

·  Click on the chat option on the next screen

·  Then select the Chat Backup option

·  Now tap on the backup option in the end, and your chat will start backing up on your Google Account.

·  Once the backup is completed, uninstall the old app from your phone.

·  Then, open the File Manager of your phone and check whether the entire chat is backed up or not.

·  Now install Yo WhatsApp on your new phone, and after verifying the phone number, you can tap on the Restore button for chats and documents backup.

Why Yo WhatsApp?

As we all know, there are several MODs and social media applications available over the internet, but we all admit that most of them are available just for a limited time or don’t give you enough freedom to manage the app in the way you want.

Tired of fluff and errors while using social media applications and MODs? But, with Yo WhatsApp, say goodbye to these issues. Not only it’s an ad-free app that keeps you away from errors and spam, but also your account won’t ban if you use the modified Yo WhatsApp’s features.

Yo WhatsApp APK Latest Version: What’s New?

Yo WhatsApp is entitled to improve your experience with the application, and to serve this purpose, Yo WhatsApp APK latest version is free from previous bugs along with the addition of some new things in this version;

yo whatsapp apps


·  Complete the anti-ban version

·  Unique fonts and themes

·  Upgraded app locking system

·  Fixed crashes during voice recording

·  Fixed bugs and errors

·  Improved privacy and security options

There’s also good news for Yo WhatsApp users; it’s completely anti-ban now, along with more improved features and options. Moreover, this feature is more secure with an updated base. Download Yo WhatsApp today on your Android and iPhone and explore the world with the best app in your hand.

How to Download Yo WhatsApp?

What makes Yo WhatsApp better than other applications is its convenience and easy-to-use features that make it the best app for everyone. To download Yo WhatsApp on your android phone, you have to follow these simple steps;

·  Firstly, download the Yo WhatsApp APK file on your android or iPhone device

·  After downloading the MOD, then click on the link to install this app.

· Once done, open up the app, verify the phone number, and step into the Yo world of Yo WhatsApp.

Is Yo WhatsApp safe?

Everyone prefers safe applications to protect their devices from unseen viruses and malfunctioning. When downloading Yo WhatsApp, you might think “is it safe to download or use this new application?” or “Does it spam my gadget with unwanted ads and fluff? Well, the answer to your question is NO. However, Yo WhatsApp took some time and updates to modernize and deal with bugs and crashes. But our new and updated version is free of glitches and viruses. Moreover, it’s now a completely safe and secure app, so you don’t have to worry about adware and malware now.

Final Words

Leave the rest and download the best today. With Yo WhatsApp, chat, call, and status customization options, manage your life the way you want.

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Yo WhatsApp offers millions of exciting features and cool MODs options to drag you out of the boring world of simple and limited features. Moreover, Yo WhatsApp always comes up with something new and unique in each updated version. Its improved security options, enhanced conversation management system, and customization option make it perfect for every user. The best thing about Yo WhatsApp that stand out from other MODs is that it gives the user complete privacy control and enables them to send and receive files of all sizes and format.

Sounds amazing?

So what are you waiting for? Download Yo WhatsApp APK updated version on your Android and iPhone devices today and start enjoying your life like a Yo.