NameGB WhatsApp
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
 Last versionv17.10
 Size54 MB

There’s no surprise that WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular and used mobile applications. It has loads of accessory developments aimed at expanding the capabilities of this chat and instant messaging app that cannot be matched by any other like Telegram, LINE, Signal, Facebook, … These applications might have some popularity in certain places around the world, but they aren’t even close to WhatsApp that has over a billion active users globally.
But not every user is happy with the standard features and customization options of WhatsApp. I mean how someone can stick to the same blue ticks, green theme, and traditional background wallpapers for the rest of their life or until WhatsApp thinks about these options.
But, in today’s world, there’s nothing impossible. GB WhatsApp’s latest version is the best choice for users looking for advanced privacy and customization options.
Let’s find out everything about GB WhatsApp Plus and its features in this blog.

What’s GB WhatsApp?

Designed and developed by third-party developers, GB WhatsApp APK is one of WhatsApp’s most prioritized MODs available. There are many different WhatsApp mods you can like Yo Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus,….. But you won’t find another like GB WhatsApp. Many users know this WhatsApp mod like the one that supports multiple accounts and more. GB WhatsApp has several added features and functions that make it a better option than the original app.

gb whatsapp apk download

Due to its unbeatable features and quality, GB WhatsApp Pro is a top pick for most users. Several features of GB WhatsApp make it unique, including changing theme, font color, size, wallpaper, contact color, new message, hiding all chats, call logs, etc., but this is not an end. It has much more than you have expected. GB WhatsApp is recommended as the most secure mod of WhatsApp by several users and developers. Better than GB WhatsApp’s old version, its latest version is worth downloading.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Anti-Ban Update

If you’re afraid of getting banned by the official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is just made for you. This app has an anti-ban feature that allows users to regain access to their accounts if they get blocked by WhatsApp. With this feature, this mod app has become secure and safe to use for everyone. It is one of the essential features of GB WhatsApp that outstand other available MODs.

Auto Reply

Don’t have time to reply to every contact? No worries. GB WhatsApp’s latest version would do it for you. It offers automatic reply features for both personal and business accounts, in which you can set up a reply, and it will automatically send the message to the recipients. The original app offers this feature only for business accounts, but the GB Whatsapp new version offers it for both business and personal accounts.

Anti-Revoke Message

Want to read the message without letting your contact know about this?  GB WhatsApp has introduced a feature that shows the senders a single tick and confirms that their messages have been sent, but it hasn’t been delivered to the recipient. With its Anti-Revoke feature, you can manage the message receipts more effectively, just like the way you want.

gb whatsapp latest version



 Sounds amazing? Free download GB WhatsApp’s app today to take advantage of this feature.


Want to take a break from WhatsApp without turning off the Wi-Fi? Well, with the original WhatsApp, you can’t go like that, but with the GB WhatsApp DND feature, life has become easier. The Do Not Disturb mode places the user’s account offline, so they cannot receive or send messages without turning off the Wi-Fi. You can look for this option in GB WhatsApp settings.

Customization option

We all want to customize our app the way we want but with WhatsApp, you can do it to a limited extent. With GB WhatsApp Mod APK, you can create your theme and create your setup as per your preference. You can choose between 100+ styles, fonts, sizes, and color options that best go with your style. You can also share the customized theme with others.

Strict Privacy Options

Privacy is one of the most important things about which we think before downloading any application. When it comes to GB WhatsApp, its privacy options outstand other MODs available online. The app offers strict privacy controls, like hiding and freezing last seen, hiding status, seeing secretly others’ status, and various other features. Moreover, it has a built-in app lock so that you don’t have to download another locking app to keep your app safe and secured.

Sharing Options

How do you feel when WhatsApp limits you from sharing more than 30 images at once? Irritated? But with GB WhatsApp, say goodbye to these limitations.

gb whatsapp new version


Download GB WhatsApp Messenger as it allows you to share up to 100 images at once and up to 50 MB of videos. Furthermore, sharing photos or videos won’t affect their quality. In addition, you can share documents of any size and in any format with GB WhatsApp plus.

How to Install GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp can be installed easily on your Android and iPhones. All you’re needed to do is to follow these easy steps;

Free download GB WhatsApp APK file.

When the app is installed, click Open to launch it.

Accept the Terms and Conditions of the app.

Enter your phone number & click next.

Enter the OTP code sent to verify your number.

Press Allow to grant all the permissions it asks for.

Click Restore to restore a backup if you have one.

Create your profile, and you are ready to use the app.

Final Verdict

Say goodbye to the simple look of WhatsApp because, with GB WhatsApp, you can enjoy additional privacy and customization options without investing a single penny. . The original WhatsApp messenger has a lot to offer, but you can enjoy the additional features with GB WhatsApp, which gives you an amazing user experience on top of what the original WhatsApp already offers.

gb whatsapp pro


Running out of storage? No worries, you can also download GB WhatsApp’s lite version to enjoy its amazing features without giving up on your phone’s storage.

So what are you waiting for? Gab with your friends and family with GB WhatsApp updated version 2022 because you deserve more!


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