Since 2009, WhatsApp has helped people stay connected with friends and family through its extensive functionalities. Later, developers created modified versions of WhatsApp with some cooler and more appealing features. The best one among them is the Yo WhatsApp.

So, if you want to enjoy the exclusive features of this mod app, check out here how to download Yo WhatsApp new version.

Features of Yo WhatsApp’s New Version

Also known as YoWa WhatsApp, the following are some unique features offered by the app’s latest version.

Call Block

Users can block any unknown number on WhatsApp or permit selective people to call them on WhatsApp with Yo WhatsApp’s new version.

Emojis and Stickers

Emojis let you explain your emotions through pictures, and this app has a whole set of new emojis. Besides, you can also access a wide range of stickers. Thus, you must learn beforehand
how to add stickers in Yo WhatsApp.

Privacy Options

Users can hide their online status, blue ticks, and a double tick when a message is delivered.

App Lock

This modified version comes with a default lock that protects your chats.

How to Download Yo WhatsApp New Version?

This latest version of Yo WhatsApp offers maximum new features than the other modded app and can be downloaded for any Android device.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download this app and start using it.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK from a reliable third-party site.


How to download yo whatsapp new version apk

Step 2: Install and open the app on your device.


How to download yo whatsapp new version free

Step 3: Enter your country code and phone number for account registration. An OTP will be sent to check your phone number, which you need to fill in the app to complete the verification process and get started on using Yo WhatsApp.

How to download yo whatsapp new version android


Download the App

So, are you amazed by the enticing features of the latest version of Yo WhatsApp? Then, download it today and learn
how to install Yo WhatsApp on your Android device to unleash its enhanced features.

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