Yo WhatsApp, a modified version of
WhatsApp, is considered the most intriguing communication app due to enhanced
improvements. The additional functionalities are what attract users to this
version of WhatsApp.

However, with the latest news of
WhatsApp advertising, users are now fretted about using Yo WhatsApp
uninterruptedly. The sudden appearance of long ads on apps is not only tiresome
to watch but also hinders chatting on
Yo WhatsApp.

So, if you’ve already learned how to download Yo WhatsApp new version, check this article to learn how to remove ads
from Yo WhatsApp.

When Will the Ads be Seen on Yo WhatsApp?


per the latest market report, advertising circulars are expected to be
available on social networks by FY 2022. In addition, SMS companies have
communicated that the newest software updates would aim for the advertising

are no updates on where exactly the ads will run on Yo WhatsApp, but a few
websites have declared that they will appear on the status pages. It is stated
that these apps will place the advertisements on the status tab so that it
reaches many people.

these ads have become a cause of worry for many users, as they will disturb
them while navigating through the app and stop them from exploring the
5 bestfeatures of Yo WhatsApp app.

How to Remove Ads from Yo WhatsApp After the Introduction of WhatsApp Advertising?


the news of ads appearing on the Yo WhatsApp messenger, all users have started
to check for various methods to stop the ads from appearing on their WhatsApp

a few methods for blocking these ads while accessing Yo WhatsApp are as

Way 1: Do Not Opt for the
App Update

way to stop ad appearance with the subsequent software updates is to cease the
application updates. This tactic will prevent advertisements from appearing on
Yo WhatsApp’s screen, letting messaging continue without hindrance.

the major drawback is that users must keep using the old version with fewer

Way 2: Install an Ad

way to stop the advertisements from appearing on Yo WhatsApp is to install ad

ad blockers downloaded from the Google Play Store are programs explicitly
developed to stop sudden advertisements or pop-ups from appearing on the screen
while using the app. They can be used on phone and PC versions of Yo WhatsApp,
rendering you a seamless chatting experience.

Guard, AppBrain ad detector, AdBlock Ultimate, and AdSense are some of the most
effective ad-blocker software for Android devices.

Download the latest version


wide range of features this MOD app offers is too difficult to avoid. Hence,
downloading Yo WhatsApp is a great choice over normal WhatsApp.

But the latest update on integrating
advertisements into this app seems problematic for many users. So, if you want
to avoid it, follow the above tips and enjoy using Yo WhatsApp hassle-freely.

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