NameOG WhatsApp
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
 Last versionv17.10
 Size54 MB

Just like approximately half of the WhatsApp users, are you also tired of looking for a WhatsApp Mod that offers you numerous privacy and customization features without banning your account?

Well, this is not something too big to demand in this tech-savvy world.

Now, OG WhatsApp’s latest version brings you what you have been looking for, for so long, free of cost. Yes, you heard it right.

Want to know more about OG WhatsApp APK and its exciting features? Roll on to this blog and learn you should have an OG WhatsApp account on your phone.

What’s OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is one of the renowned mod versions of WhatsApp that gives the users swift, simple, and clean messaging experience with reliability and safety of users’ data. It has been developed by third-party developers with some advanced privacy and security features to serve the areas where WhatsApp features are lacking.

og whatsapp pro



This amazing MOD gives the users privacy regarding features like hiding notifications. DND options, sending unzipped images while maintaining the picture quality, and much more. Moreover, you can preview the file, images or videos, without giving up to your phone’s memory and setting passwords to access your private chats.

Sound exciting?

Well, there’s a lot more than OG WhatsApp brings for you. So let’s explore the features that make it better than original WhatsApp and other Mods like Yo Whatsapp 2022 and GB Whatsapp

OG WhatsApp Features


Those who are using the MOD versions of WhatsApp can only understand the hassle of getting banned. Officials of WhatsApp always look out for the MOD WhatsApp versions and ban the users from using WhatsApp Mod APKs. Now say goodbye to this trauma with the new version of OG WhatsApp. Its developers have got a solution to fix the ban issue, so your Mod doesn’t get banned by WhatsApp.

Make Call and Send Messages without Saving Numbers

If we talk about making conversation or calling someone through official WhatsApp, we all first need to save their numbers with their names. But with OG WhatsApp, you can easily avoid the process of saving the number in your phone and directly start the conversation or make the call without making them part of your contact list. This feature is handy for those who immediately want to call without saving any unwanted number on the phone.

Message Scheduler

How do you feel when your loved one is waiting for your birthday wish at dot 12, but you just forgot to wish them due to your work pressure or assignment deadline? Probably sad. But with OG WhatsApp, this problem is solved.

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The new and prior users of OG WhatsApp love this newly added feature that has become a life-saver for almost everyone. However, there’s always someone we want to send greetings or messages with at a particular time but simply forget to start a conversation with them. To resolve this issue, OG WhatsApp has added a Pre-built Message Scheduler that will automatically send your message at your defined time.

All you just need to do is to set the message text, contact, and time and leave the rest to OG WhatsApp. Make sure that WIFI or data connection is enabled on your phone to send the message.

Status Download Feature

Along with chatting and gossiping with our friends, we use WhatsApp to upload the status to keep our friends and family updated about our life experiences. But the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to download one’s status to your phone directly. Instead, ask your friend to send the status; now, you can simply download it to your phone with just one tap.

Send Up to 90 Images

Recall that irritation you feel when you’re selecting the images to send to your contact, and suddenly WhatsApp notifies you that you can’t send up to 30 images, but now with OG WhatsApp, this problem is no longer exist.

With OG WhatsApp, you can send up to 90 images at a time without disrupting the picture quality. So, what are you waiting for? Download OG WhatsApp pro on your iPhones and Android today.

WhatsApp App Locker

Are you also one of those who are looking for a good app locker to secure your personal chats on WhatsApp? Well, downloading the one from Play Store means you’re ready to spam your phone with hundreds of irrelevant ads and unidentified viruses that can put your privacy at stake.

og whatsapp updated



Well, official WhatsApp doesn’t offer any built-in lock feature, and unfortunately, you can’t trust the one you have downloaded from the Play Store.

OG WhatsApp’s latest version now comes with an in-built WhatsApp app lock feature that allows users to secure their chats without downloading any third-party app locker.

Other Features of OG Whatsapp

Well, the perks of OG WhatsApp don’t end here. Along with multiple security and privacy features, this amazing application offers you thousands of themes and wallpapers so you can customize your app in the way you want. Moreover, with OG WhatsApp, you can get your hands on 1000+ emoticons and stickers that are unavailable in the official app. So download OG WhatsApp plus on your phones today and step into the free world of customization.

Final Verdict

Every feature of OG WhatsApp makes it better than the original and other available APKs that why we have mentioned it as the real OG in the WhatsApp APK world.

OG WhatsApp has everything you have been looking for for ages. It’s one of the amazing apps that offers you a bundle of exciting features and options that the original WhatsApp lacks. However, it’s not an official messaging app but is far better than the original one that offers users a better experience. With OG WhatsApp, say goodbye to security concerns and hello to the amazing customization and privacy features. However, you can’t download OG WhatsApp from the Play Store. All you need to do is click on the link and get your OG WhatsApp in your hand.

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