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AnUltimate Guide on Using Yo WhatsApp Business on Different Devices

AlthoughWhatsApp is the most popular app for communication, there are a few othermodified apps with more features like Yo WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp that peopleprefer. However, Yo WhatsApp Business is a highly modified application withmany changes and customizations.

Thefeatures of this app are specially designed for business activities. Yo WhatsAppBusiness’s modified version allows you to utilize all the new functions andcustomizations of the original WhatsApp with more features of other MODversions, such as hiding the status view and checking deleted messages, etc.


Keepreading this article to find out more about the features of the businessversion of Yo WhatsApp and the steps to download it.

YoWhatsApp Business Features

Yo WhatsApp Business is explicitlydesigned for people who must maintain proper communication with their clients.In addition, it enables businesses to automate their work by saving time and increasing productivity.

So, thefollowing are some features of Yo WhatsApp Business that make it a favoriteamong users.

Status Download

Users cancopy the status of someone from the contact list even after its deletion. Inaddition, the word limit for statuses has been increased from 139 characters to250.

Freeze Last Seen

One canuse Yo WhatsApp Business without being visible to anyone on the contact list asthe last seen can be hidden.

Anti-Delete Status

Thisfeature lets the user check the stories and videos of people in the contactlist even if they have been deleted.

WhatsApp Lock

Torestrict anyone from checking the content of the messaging app, the user canlock the app with a fingerprint, pin, and pattern.


Blue Ticks Showcased After Reply

The sentmessages would not have blue ticks unless the user replies to the messages. Thecontact would not know whether the user has read the message.

Custom Privacy

Thisoption allows the user to block a few contacts from checking the WhatsAppstatus.

Howto Install Yo WhatsApp Business for PC?

The usermust download an Android emulator to install the business version of YoWhatsApp for PC.

Step1: Download and install theAndroid emulator BlueStacks.

Step2: Open the bluestacks.exefile and download the Yo WhatsApp APK file.

Step3: Download the APK fileonto the emulator.

Step4: Install the Yo WhatsAppbusiness version.

Step5: Once installed, the userhas to complete the process with the mobile number.

Step6: The user will receive anOTP that requires verification to use the Yo WhatsApp business application.


Howto Install the Yo WhatsApp Business App?

Followthis step-by-step guide to download the Yo WhatsApp business app.

Step1: Search for the folderwith the YoWhatsApp_Business_technolaty.apk file on the website.

Step2: Tap on the “Installthe app” button.

Step3: If you want to take abackup of your WhatsApp chats, click “Restore” and choose “Agree and Continue.”

Step4: Enter your phone numberto verify and get started with your app.

Download Yo WhatsApp Business the latest verson of the app

YoWhatsApp Business app is a messaging app that helps maintain clientcommunications and makes business transactions easy. Also, this applicationenables you to build a significant online presence.

So, download YoWhatsApp Business today to access its exclusive features and grow your smallbusiness.

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