WhatsApp is a widely used chatting and communication app with millions of users worldwide. Although it is quite a useful application, it lacks certain features. Several developers created
modified versions of the app to overcome this issue.
Yo WhatsApp is a modded version that has many valuable features. One of the 5 best features of Yo WhatsApp app is its status section.  So, in this article, we have gathered some essential information regarding Yo WhatsApp status setting. Check it out below!

Features of Yo WhatsApp Status Setting

The status feature of Yo WhatsAppfor iOS and Android lets you share photos, videos, and other data so that your contacts can see and get the info instantly. Moreover, you don’t have to share the information with your contact or group individually. By simply uploading a status from your account, your contacts can easily check them out. You can even get YoWhatsApp for PC and enjoy all these features.  So, here are some more features of the Yo WhatsApp status setting. Take a look!

   Your status appears for only a certain amount of time. This temporary content is available for 24 hours, after which it gets removed automatically.

      You get to view the statuses of your contact without letting them know about it. Moreover, you get the option to hide your status view in the status settings of Yo WhatsApp.

      You can upload files directly from your device or use the camera to instantly capture something you want to share with your contacts.

      You can also hide statuses from particular contacts by selecting those contacts in the settings.

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