NameWhatsApp Plus
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
 Last versionv17.10
 Size54 MB

WhatsApp Plus gives you great features to enjoy your conversations on WhatsApp. It’s like a full version of WhatsApp. So why not try it out? Do you want to have more from WhatsApp on Android? If yes, then you need to get
WhatsApp plus mod! In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to download and install the WhatsApp Plus Mod APK file on android without a rooted device.

WhatsApp Plus Mod APK is a free app with loads of features. This allows you to add video calls, voice messages, stickers, emojis, GIFs, photos, and much more to your Whatsapp chat.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

The WhatsApp Plus is a mod for the hugely popular WhatsApp Messenger, and there are many significant changes to the regular version of WhatsApp. This mod is one of the most popular ones in the modded community, and it’s being used by millions of people worldwide.

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With Whatsapp Plus APK, you can hide your read messages, hide the profile picture, change various themes, hide when you’re online, and so much more. It’s designed by developers who have used the regular app for a while and noticed what was missing. You will get everything that you ever wanted on your WhatsApp with Whatsapp Plus ; I highly recommend it!

WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus has all the features that you wished were there, to begin with, but aren’t. Have a look at the list of the features below and see if any of them gains your interest, I assure you they will! Some are just easy-to-use features, some are interesting privacy ones, and you have all kinds of different tools and customizations at your disposal.

– Themes

This mod allows you to download and install themes for your application. There are more than 700 themes available in the App right now, and new ones are being added day by day. On top of that, every piece of the UI is highly customizable, so you have everything in control in terms of appearance.

– Hide Status

If you were wondering how you can use WhatsApp without getting distracted by others and just talking to someone then this is the feature for you. You have the option to hide the status when you are online with WhatsApp Plus. You can choose to hide it from one person only, from a group, or even from everyone; the choice is yours.


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– Advanced Sharing

If you’ve been frustrated by the limitations that WhatsApp has for the files that you can send and receive, then don’t worry because, with WhatsApp Plus, there are no limits. You can upload videos longer than 30 seconds, HD pictures that won’t lose resolution, and audio with a file size of over 100 MB. You want to share a file that’s over 50 MB, no problem with WhatsApp Plus; you can do that.

– Auto Reply for Business Chats

This is one of the most important features if you are using a WhatsApp Business account. This feature does exactly what it says; it automatically replies to chats so that you don’t leave your customers unanswered. There are several options in which you can modify the response, and as long as you make it correctly, there will be no more unsatisfied customers.

– Additional Emoticons

We’ve all used the standard emoticons from WhatsApp, and after a while, they have become a bit boring. That’s why WhatsApp Plus, Yo Whatsapp or FM WhatsApp has a lot more options for you; they’ve added the Google hangouts emoticons too. Now you’ll be able to portray an emotion in a lot of different ways with the added choices. However, the downside is that these new emoticons are going to be visible only by people who are also using the WhatsApp Plus application, to others they will just appear as boxes.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

As you should know by now, WhatsApp Plus is a mod of the regular WhatsApp so that means that it won’t be allowed to be on the Play Store. Don’t worry though; you can download it via a simple third party. Follow the guide below to download WhatsApp Plus.


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The First Step, download WhatsApp Plus by clicking here. Make sure that it’s the latest version by checking the file name.

The Second Step, save the file in an easily accessible location.

The Third Step, now just wait for the file to finish downloading. If the download stops because of Play Protect, just disable it until you download the file.

That’s it; now, all there’s left is to install the application on your device without losing any of the chat messages.

Follow this guide below step by step to learn how to install WhatsApp Plus successfully.

Step One, enable your phone to install applications from Unknown Sources.

Step Two, click on the previously downloaded file and let it finish installing the WhatsApp Plus.

Step Three, locate the new app and click it to open.

Step Four, enter your mobile phone number and verify it with OTP. After that is done, a new prompt will ask you to restore your data with a backup; select the backup file and let it finish.

That’s it now you’ve successfully installed WhatsApp Plus and kept all the data and chats from your original WhatsApp Messenger.

Closing Thoughts


As a WhatsApp user for the last few years, I can confidently say that there have been a few features that I wished were there. However, with every update that we got, those features never came to life. That’s why I started searching for modded versions of the app and I stumbled across WhatsApp Plus.


whatsapp plus latest version download



This modification of the ‘real’ WhatsApp has all the features that every other user and I wished we had. From the amazing appearance customizations to the splendid privacy settings, this makes this modded WhatsApp one of the best. And it’s one of the most popular choices for the modded community for no reason, everything works as intended and now the user experience is a lot better.

After giving it a try myself, I can only say that you all should at least give it a chance, and it’s going to surprise you.

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